We’ve found that a lot of people have questions about what we do and how we do it, so we’ve compiled some answers to the most common ones. If your question isn’t listed here, or you don’t understand the answer, or you just want to chat, feel free to come by when we’re open or give us a call at 434-979-5478

How do you take a tour?

Just come in! Show up anytime between 2:30 and 7, Monday through Friday, and someone will show you around, or you can take a virtual tour here!

Who is eligible to be an MRC Member?

Anybody who is in 6th-12th grade or the homeschool equivalent!

How do you become a member?

Fill out a member application and return it to the MRC.  Applications are available at the front desk or online

How much does it cost?

Our membership fee is on a sliding scale based on household income. Specific metrics can be found on the last page of your application.  At the end of the day, no one is turned away for a membership because of difficulty paying. Our main goal is that the MRC is always affordable to everyone.

What is included in a membership?

Everything!  All workshops,, camps, events, and daily use of the MRC facilities are included in your membership fee.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one! We believe strongly that open access to high quality tools and resources is essential to a young creators ability to find their voice and flourish as an artist

What do I do once at I'm at the MRC?

Choose your own adventure.  You can explore at your own pace or you can grab a staff member to give you specific instruction/guidance in our various tools and spaces.

How do I book a recording session?

Email Jordan (jordan@musicresourcecenter.org)

How do I prepare for a recording session?

Practice your song. If possible, practice with a metronome. Use your imagination to think of what you want to add to the song instrument wise. Don’t be limited; go crazy. You can always grab of our project studios and practice recording yourself in one of our DAWs.

What DAWs does the MRC have?

The MRC has: GarageBand, Logic, FL Studio, Reason, Ableton, Pro-Tools, Maschine, and Native Instruments Komplete.If there is anything you’re interested in trying that we don’t have, just ask us and we’ll get access to it.

How do I sign up for a lesson?

Fill out a lesson interest form and email jordan@musicresourcecenter.org

What is MRC Certified?

MRC certified is a 52 hour certification program for juniors and seniors in the Charlottesville area. Currently the two tracks, Studio and Live, include 20 hours of paid internship time and 32 hours of 1:1 instruction. Studio culminates with members executing an unassisted recording session in our recording studio while Live culminates with unassisted members running sound for a performance in our live venue.

What does Certification mean?

Certification through the MRC Certified program means the Music Resource Center believes in your ability to independently operate the space you’ve been certified in. Our recording studio is one and our performance hall is the other. In addition, we are telling the community that we believe you are a great candidate for an internship in studios or to do live sound at community events.

Are there performance opportunities for members at the MRC?

Absolutely, we have a quarterly showcase called Live at 5 that showcases works in progress from all of our members, we set up shows out in the community for our members to perform and, at any time, members can set up a show in our hall by contacting Jordan@musicreourcecenter.org