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Curious about what each of our 2024 summer camps entail? Check out the descriptions below!

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Rock Band Camp

(2 unrelated sessions, no worries if you only attend one!)

June 10-June 14

July 29-August 2

Ever wanted to play in a band? Well you’re in luck! For our week-long summer workshop, the MRC will be hosting a Rock n’ Roll Band Camp where you and your friends can play rock hits together and receive instruction from professional musicians and experienced members in the music field. We’re looking for students in 6th-12th grade with beginner to advanced experience in guitar, vocals, bass, drums, piano and more! We’ve got the rehearsal space, equipment, instructors and instruments you need – all you’ve got to do is bring yourself!


(2 unrelated sessions, no worries if you only attend one!)

June 24-June 28

July 15-July 19

The MRC is happy to announce our summer songwriting workshop! In our one week workshop, students will work with staff and cover a variety of facets of the songwriting process, including but not limited to:

  • Basic Elements & Structure of Songs
  • Conceptualization of Themes
  • Genre Identification
  • Creation of Original Concepts
  • Lyricism

By the end of the camp, it is our goal for students to have written or collaboratively composed their own original music!

Mixing Camp

July 8-July 12

Practice your mixing skills and learn how to pull the most out of your recordings! The MRC’s Orion Faruque and guest local pros will share their knowledge and experience to help you crack the code on your own emotionally effective mixing strategies. What the heck is mixing? Mixing is the process of taking audio tracks and blending them together to create a cohesive, articulate final product. Thinking of this process as blending favorite flavors in cooking or editing your social media content helps to break down this complex process into manageable chunks. While this camp will include a decent amount of technical information, the overarching themes are “Does this sound good?” and “Does this emotionally move me through the song?”. Topics include:

  • Mix Prep and Gain Staging
  • Palette and STYLZING
  • What to start with?
  • EQ and Compression techniques
  • When am I done? Plz help, I’ve listened to this snare drum for 18 hrs and have lost focus.
  • Dynamic effects and automation

Musical Circuits

July 22-July 26

UVA Music’s Alex Christie will guide us through an experience of making electronic instruments out of non-conventional objects. Along the way we’ll learn about electricity and how we can manipulate it to make cool sounds! At the end, we’ll put our instruments together in an ensemble and see what we come up with.

Beat Making

July 22-July 26

Learn how to play with samples, synths, and sounds to make fun digital music with MRC staff member Ike Anderson.


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