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Party Like a Rock Star

We dream big around here. Twenty-five years ago, the Music Resource Center began as an idea to plant the seed of music in the lives of our youth. It materialized as a studio above Trax that provided access to performing, recording and live-music technology. It quickly blossomed into a safe space where area youth gathered to create music and build community. Above all, the MRC became a fun place to hang out that was affordable to all area teens.

In 2004, we purchased our beautiful 105 Ridge Street location that we have all come to know and love. Last fall the board unanimously decided to sell this building for two reasons. First, the Greyhound Bus station surrounding us is being sold, which means that we will lose our safe pick up/drop off location, without which we simply cannot operate.  Second, we have outgrown this facility. In 2019, the MRC averaged over a hundred visits per week, and sometimes, nearly 40 kids per day. With a capacity to comfortably serve about 30 kids at a time, our beloved building is bursting at the seams.

Here’s the good news! We have found an ideal new location that we hope to soon call home. This move will allow us to DOUBLE our programming capacity and keep our programming affordable to all.  We look forward to sharing more about it in the upcoming months.

Despite the excitement behind the scenes, we are still running daily programming at the MRC. In addition to our usual high quality services, we’re thrilled to announce that we launched a new program in early 2020 — MRC Certified internships!  This program gives high school students valuable skills and paid internship experience in the technical aspects of the music industry, such as Live Sound Engineering and Studio Engineering.

While MRC Certified has been fully funded thus far by generous foundation support, none of our programming can happen without the continued support of donors like you.

The seed that became the MRC now boasts deep roots in the community.  It’s time to transplant ourselves and dream big once again.  Please help us make this new dream a reality.  Support your growing MRC today!

Want an idea of the impact your contribution will have?

To fully fund the MRC for:     it costs:

1 hour                       $115

1 day                         $923

2 days                         $1,846

3 days                         $2,769

4 days                         $3,672

1 week                      $4,615

2 weeks                    $9,230

On behalf of the MRC Board,

Brooke Correll and Jason Kapp