The Music Resource Center is a safe, diverse and creative community experience where teens build interpersonal and industry skills through the universal language of music.

While many of our youth experience extraordinarily difficult circumstances, the resources we provide enable these teens to reach their potential as extraordinary people.   As an after school non-profit we accomplish this by using the universal language of music to foster consistent positive relationships with our students, teaching them how to make the music that is meaningful to them and creating opportunities for self-expression, personal achievement and community contribution.

We believe this approach is capable of:
• Interrupting or reversing downward developmental trajectories
• Diminishing the causes or impact of stressful situations
• Reducing the negative chain reactions that characterize pathogenic family or school situations
• Promoting the development and maintenance of self-efficacy
• Creating beliefs or loyalties that are incompatible with deviant behaviors
• Providing opportunities for positive educational, vocational and personal growth