Charlottesville City Council Community Budget Meeting
Wednesday, March 23rd, 7-9pm at City Space
100 5th St. NE, Charlottesville, VA 22902
We need your help! In years past, we’ve received funding from the city that was an essential component of our annual operating budget. However, because of a one-year lapse in the application process three years ago, the MRC is now considered a new program, making it difficult to regain our status and funding as a continuing and vital program for teens.
However, there is still hope!  On Wednesday, March 23rd the Charlottesville City Council is holding a Community Budget Forum meeting from 7-9pm at City Space. We are asking that members, volunteers, alumni and others in the MRC community come support, advocate and share your thoughts on why the MRC is a necessary and productive entity within the Charlottesville area.
Whether or not you can make it to the budget meeting, you can email letters of support for the MRC to the entire City Council in a couple of ways.
1-  You can send one email to all city councilors, the city manager, and the assistant city manager by emailing
2-  Follow this link to send separate emails to individual city council members:
Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown to the MRC throughout all of our 20 years. We truly love our members…and hope to be able to serve you for 20 more years.